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We provide tailored cyber security solutions to combat advanced threats and provide organizations with affordable soc solutions meeting or exceeding the best in the market.


With experience supporting over 40 countries, our multiple team locations support 24/7 operations.

Military Grade

We know cyber security is essential to your mission and our military experience has provided the framework for our tools and services.


Our cyber professionals come from diverse backgrounds including security for Fortune 50 companies, government agencies, and international cyber intelligence.


custom bundles.

the right services.

the best value.


top cyber talent.

experienced leadership.

integrated teaming approach.

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Compromise Assessment

Our tailored assessments have no equal in the security industry. The assessments methodology is based on military after-action reports and includes prioritized lists of issues, includes the damage potential, reproducibility, exploitability, number of affected users, and discoverability of each finding.  Our findings are usually presented within 7 days and provide a view of not only current threats but historical analysis of past breaches.

Threat Hunting

An advanced threat detection service built on the base of multi-platform endpoint agents, MITRE ATT&CK techniques and years of research. Detecting known and unknown threats, targeted attacks and advanced persistence threats in real time is imperative to keep you secure. Threat Hunters carefully analyze all the anomalies and potentially suspicious activities detected across endpoints.

Incident Detection

We continuously monitor your network, servers, and endpoints looking for specific indicators of compromise and high-risk behavioral patterns. In case of threat detection, the origin, details and potential impact are communicated to you. The service can also help you meet compliance requirements through automatic detection and reporting of the deviations from requirements.

Vulnerability Management

As a proactive measure we repetitively scan to identifying active devices, open ports, and network services on the network to detect potential vulnerabilities. The scans can be conducted on a regular basis as well as on-demand.  We can then assess detected vulnerabilities through attempted exploitation. This is an advanced approach for classifying and prioritizing detected potential vulnerabilities, and it is a good extension for critical systems. 

Log Management

Log Management practice is a core security process which enables organizations to execute forensic and investigation tasks effectively. We offer secure cloud  based and/or on-premise platforms which provide extensive visibility across all nodes, detailed compliance reports and guaranteed log delivery.

Identity & Access Management

We offer organizations IAM solutions as a service allowing our customers to enjoy all the benefits of automated and efficient access to control processes and mechanisms, at the same time avoiding all the complexity of the platform support. 

Security Device Management

Mission Essential CTS security device management is a good option for organizations suffering from a shortage of security engineers or not willing to manage devices which are not related to their key business or fields of expertise. Our certified administrators make sure the security devices are always up & running, up-to-date and secure.

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