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OVER 85% of cyber attacks are financially motivated

the cyber threat landscape and family offices

Recent cybercrime statistics indicate that family offices are becoming more frequent victims of targeted data breaches. At least 25% of family offices have been subjects of cyberattacks, and nearly 40% of them lack a cybersecurity policy. Cyberattacks on family office systems can wreak havoc on systems and pose significant reputational and financial risks when sensitive information is accessed. For these reasons, family offices must take proactive measures to eliminate the risk of falling victim to an attack.


Managed Services

The evolving threat landscape requires skilled cybersecurity talent and expertise to fully monitor and manage security events on a 24x7x365 basis. Mission Essential CTS offers managed security services to stay ahead of threat actors. Our managed security services take away the burden of self-monitoring as our trusted security advisors proactively identify cyber threats, including phishing, malware, ransomware, and more.  Proactive real-time monitoring starts at $350/month for up to 10 users.

Not sure which services you’re currently using or unsure if your current cybersecurity posture prevents everything it should? Mission Essential CTS provides an advanced security audit to tell you everything that has happened in your IT environment. This audit enables you to make decisions and identify past threats that may have gone un-noticed. The ONYX360℠ Cyber Health Checkup starts at $5,000 and enables you to understand your current cybersecurity posture and potential gaps fully. Perhaps the most important aspect of the Cyber Health Checkup is finding everything that is running in your environment, including services which you may not realize are running, and could leave you vulnerable to an attack.


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