cyber and physical security strategies

Mission Essential CTS produces unique strategies and transformation programs to protect companies’ sensitive data and assets.

We work with both technical and non-technical players in shaping a security strategy. Technical teams ensure that the plan aligns with the needs of IT and business operations. Non-technical employees help produce strategies that employees will actually undertake and convince staffs of the importance of cybersecurity policies along with monitoring employee cyber policy.

Even if businesses understand the importance of having a strong cybersecurity strategy and believe they have one in place, the constantly changing threat landscape makes it difficult for businesses and their internal IT staffs to determine the best path forward. Mission Essential CTS works with Boards and C-suites to emphasize the importance of a comprehensive business strategy that is aligned with the cybersecurity strategy and how to produce an efficient and cost-effective solution.

We can recommend the best cyber services and updated security technology. These services and technology will be tailored to match your needs and limit your expenditures on useless or out of date products. Mission Essential CTS excels at developing a holistic IT design for cybersecurity, including determining the client’s readiness for implementation of technology and services selection and sourcing.

compliance consulting strategy

Mission Essential CTS is an industry leader in building governance and compliance programs. Compliance standards and penalties for noncompliance are continuing to evolve and expand, becoming costlier for businesses to comply with or pay fines. For example, the average HIPAA fine is almost $2 million.

Mission Essential CTS works with its clients to meet HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, GLBA, FISMA, NIST, ISO 27002, DoD/IC Standards and other security compliance mandates more efficiently and effectively. Additionally, Mission Essential CTS also provides ongoing compliance monitoring.

Many companies fully understand the regulatory demands and their potentially ruinous consequences, but executives must understand that compliance alone is not sufficient. While companies may look to spend on compliance requirements first, those seeking to maximize their cybersecurity will look to Mission Essential CTS for comprehensive offerings to ensure protection.

business intelligence and risk assessments

Mission Essential CTS’s experts, including those from the most elite intelligence agencies, provide companies with tailored Risk Assessments so that they can make more informed business decisions.

Mission Essential CTS provides:

  • Business Intelligence (including Country, Political, and Security Risk Assessments)
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Internal Investigations
  • Litigation Support
  • Compliance Services (Anti-money laundering and bribery)
  • Travel Security Assessments (for executives and high target individuals travel)

cyber insurance consulting

As concern increases over hacker attacks, individuals and organizations are increasingly looking for new or extended cyber insurance coverage. Companies are taking a closer look at cyber insurance as a means of cutting their losses from an assortment of damaging risks. However, cyber insurance is still an emerging market, with significant variation in coverages and premiums. Mission Essential CTS helps our clients navigate this convoluted and ever-changing marketplace to purchase coverages that fit their unique situations. Cyber insurance policies can be murky and only cover certain size businesses or industries. Insurers are even struggling to define exactly what constitutes a cyber-attack, how IoT devices outside of an organization might play into policy coverage, and other complex issues. The idea of transferring risk to a third party is attractive, but not all insurers are equal and/or right for you. Mission Essential CTS makes sure our clients find that right insurer and policy.

Working with companies, Mission Essential CTS produces cost-benefit analysis to determine if it makes more sense to focus some efforts on risk transfer (insurance) along with traditional cybersecurity efforts. For example, cyber insurance can be very beneficial to SMEs, which often don’t have an expert IT security staff. Additionally, for SMEs it can often be less expensive to transfer risk than to mitigate it.

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