One of the most challenging aspects of deciding on a cyber security solution is finding the right level of coverage for your business at a reasonable price point.  Some providers have more services than you need challenging your budget, and some are missing one or two pieces but are "good enough" for the price point.

We created ONYX360℠ to accomodate a wide range of businesses by enabling custom bundles of Mission Essential CTS managed security offerings.  To make sure you get everything you need we begin with our Compromise Assessment, something which has historically been price prohibitive for small and medium sized businesses, to find all of your historical and current vulnerabilities and topology.

ONYX360℠ guarantees you get the perfect level of service at the right price point for your business, regardless of size, industry, or distribution.

compromise assessment



The Mission Essential CTS Compromise Assessments take 7 days on average compared to the industry average of 4-6 weeks.


The Mission Essential CTS Compromise Assessment not only looks for current vulnerabilities but past vulnerabilities which may have been exploited.


Due to our methodologies and technology Mission Essential CTS can offer a better assessment at a significantly lower cost resulting in the best value for your business.

managed sercurity services bundle



Service starts as soon as our endpoints agents are installed on your devices.  Providing you a fast, simple solution to start proactive monitoring.


The Mission Essential CTS managed security components compete with the most advanced enterprise offerings for complete coverage where and when you need it.


Mission Essential CTS customers receive advanced SOC tools for less than the cost of one full time security specialist, often with notably better coverage both technically and across time zones.

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